Keterangan : International Travellers Use PeduliLindungi When Arriving in Indonesia

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International Travellers Use PeduliLindungi When Arriving in Indonesia

Healthies, good news! Starting April 5, 2022, Foreigner or Indonesian Living Abroad, will no longer need to fill out e-HAC when entering Indonesia. Overseas Travelers only need to download PeduliLindung and fill out a complete personal profile in the application.

International Travelers can download and complete their profile On PeduliLindungi Application, when from their country of origin or arriving in Indonesia, via a WiFi connection or SimCard.


How To Download

1. Open PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (iOS), search for PeduliLindungi and download

2. After the application is installed, go to PeduliLindungi to complete the user profile


Complete Personal Data

1. For Foreigners, select “Foreigner/Warga Negara Asing” and the language you want to use

2. Create an account or log in with a registered account

3. Enter the Verification Code (OTP) sent via e-mail

4. Allow PeduliLindungi to access your device's location, media and camera

5. Complete your profile in PeduliLindungi

6. Done

When you have completed your personal data on PeduliLindungi, show it to the Airport Port Health Office (KKP) Officer. The KKP Officer will check the PeduliLindungi Profile before you can continue the checking process at immigration and customs.

Even though the inspection’s completed, PPLNs both foreigner and Indonesian, must obey the health protocols to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. PPLN can use PeduliLindungi application to Public Spaces such as Malls, Hospitals, Restaurants and Supermarkets.

And welcome to Indonesia!


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